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Posted on Feb - 4 - 2012

As coal fired plants age, they are shut down.    The downtown area has one million square feet of commercial office space and power systems they use an array of distributed resources.  The area buildings fill up on energy during early [...]

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Posted on Feb - 2 - 2012

Technology will drive breakthroughs that make local power generation cheaper and more convenient.   Low cost battery, low cost solar and new inventions.  Renewable energy technologies will continue to improve. In the future electric cars, hybrids, solar cells, wind, bio mass [...]

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Posted on Feb - 1 - 2012

You probably know there is a strong relationship between growth in GDP and energy.  This is particularly true with electricity.  This link with prosperity is well recognized in Asia.  China’s economy has grown with the rise in electricity, and they [...]

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Posted on Jan - 15 - 2012

The Peer to Peer Electricity Opportunity: If stressful times bring about great innovation then the energy and financial situation in the USA is one big opportunity. Americans are extremely creative and when faced with a tough situation. They invent and [...]

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